Dwight Howard Trade – Team Grades

The Lakers will send All-Star center Andrew Bynum to the Philadelphia 76ers, who also will receive shooting guard Jason Richardson from the Magic. The Sixers will send guard Andre Iguodala to the Denver Nuggets. The Magic will receive Arron Afflalo, Al Harrington, Nikola Vucevic, rookie swingman Moe Harkless, forward Josh McRoberts, forward Christian Eyenga, a first-round pick from either the Nuggets or the New York Knicks in 2014, a protected first-round pick from the Sixers, a protected first-round pick from the Lakers in 2017, a second-round pick from the Nuggets in 2013 and a conditional second-rounder from the Lakers in 2015. In addition to Howard, the Lakers will also receive Earl Clark and Chris Duhon from the Magic.

Magic – C

I cannot knock Orlando too much. Dwight Howard did not want to be there. Orlando got rid of Dwight for….. well nothing much but a bunch of role players. Obviously there setting up their future to attack in free agency next year. I think they could have got a better deal. Love Affalo as a role player, but Orlando is looking toward the future.

Nuggets – B

I love the move! Last year they fell to LA in the playoffs, however with Wilson Chandler back we will not be missing Al Harrington. Iguodala is an upgrade from Affalo, same type of player just better. Denver has a strong team but still lacks a superstar. In today’s NBA you need three to win a championship.

Sixers – A

Philidelphia traded Iggy, but they got a major upgrade. Iggy will not be missed with young players like Evan Turner, and Nick Young trying to prove themselves. I’m not too excited about Jason Richardson, he’s past his prime, but he’ll get some minutes as well. Andrew Bynum will be able to dominate the Eastern conference, if he channels his maturity and talent. We saw flashes in L.A. Now he’s got a new situation in Phili, hopefully that motivates him. He’s got to stay to healthy though. Bottom line, the Sixers were not in contention of winning the East with Iggy. Now with a few more pieces, they may be able to catch up to The Heatles in a year or so.

Lakers – A

In this league you need 3 stars to win. The Lakers have one more. The difference between Howard and Bynum is consistency. Bynum’s immaturity, and lack of desire showed in L.A. Gasol is quite inconsistent as well. I’m not sure how Nash, Bryant, Gasol, and Howard will play together, but with this much talent on the floor OKC will have its hands full. I would question Dwight’s back, but with 4 stars I don’t think it will be a problem.


Jim Boheim Compares Jordan to LeBron

“He’s a leader. He gets on the court, he tells people what to do … this guy can guard five [positions] … put him on anybody, he can guard him. I always felt Michael Jordan was the best player I’ve ever seen … I didn’t think it was close … and I’m not so sure anymore … this guy is 6-9, 260 pounds and he’s getting better … I know we’ve had great, great players through the years. He’s like Magic Johnson with Michael Jordan-type skills as well.”

First of all Jim Boeheim lets get some things strait. LeBron can guard most one through five in today’s game. However, in earlier eras such as the 90’s and 80’s LeBron could not have. The physicality and skill of those big men are long gone. How dare you disrespect greats Hakeem Olajuwan, Kareem Abdul Jabar, Shaquille O’neal and other post players.

Now LeBron is a 6-9, 260 pounds beast. Arguably the most gifted athlete we have ever seen on the court. In my mind he does have the athletic ability to be the best player of all time, but in today’s game it is more team oriented with front office rules that protect NBA franchises, and players from becoming bigger than the team. There is no telling what LeBron could have been able to do with no zone defense in that era.

When LeBron wins more championships, then we’ll have this discussion.


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